1.)      August 2008  - Early August Meadows & Forests      
      2.)    Northern Ontario in Late August      
      Black-crowned Night Heron            
      Macro at Matchedash Bay Black-crowned Night Heron Autumn Leaves      
      Small Stuff Osprey Hummingbird Sauble Beach Sunset Heron at Tiffin Centre Tiffin Centre
      Mazinaw Woods Forks of the Credit area Humber Nurseries Osprey at Oliphant Black Tern at Tiny Marsh Herons at Matchedash Bay      
      Wye Marsh Winter Edward's Gardens-TO Mute Swan Muskrat at Tiny Marsh Tiny Marsh Mazinaw Morning      
      Firefrost More Firefrost Frosty Window Springwater Winter Inhabitants Springwater Prov. Park Springwater Feathered      
      Grey Bruce        
        Country Winter Winter Lighthouses Barrie Winter Morning Tiffin Centre Winter Harrison Park